Best Places to Visit in Cyprus

Cyprus is a unique island located on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea. Its strategic location between Europe and Asia gives it a diverse culture. Although it’s famous for its spectacular beaches, this tiny country has more to offer for nature lovers. Ancient civilization in the country gives it some fantastic medieval sites too. 

Once you get to Cyprus, there are some places you must visit, these include;

  1. Paphos

Paphos is a top-rated city in Cyprus, which will give you a good taste of Cyprian history. The whole town is listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site. Several attractions guarantee you an enthralling experience when touring the city. You also get the chance to see Roman ruins, standing since the 3rd AD, inside the Kato Paphos Archeological Park.

The Tomb of the Kings is also a worthy visit. This tomb is in the form of an underground maze that was carved from bedrock. It was a special burial place for lords and other officials. Do not leave the city without visiting the Paphos castle, originally built as a barrier to intruders.

  1. Akamas Peninsula

The Baths of Aphrodite is also a spectacular attraction in the Akamas Peninsula. It has great mythological significance, according to Cypriots. It’s believed that goddess Aphrodite met Adonis (her great love), at this spot. This spot has a gentle waterfall, and thick vegetation encompasses it. It’s noteworthy that swimming at the site is prohibited. 

  1. Avakas Gorge

The Avacas Gorge is one of the best sites in Cyprus, where you get to experience extraordinary landscapes. The gorge is situated on the west coast, and it’s just a 30minutes drive from Paphos. This gorge was formed by the gradual erosion of limestone erosion by the river. This 100-foot gorge gives tourists immense fun and is perfect for hiking and taking photos too. This gorge allows you to view the Cypriot flora and fauna first-hand. 

  1. Troodos Mountains

Ideal for outdoor recreation, the Troodos Mountains stand in the southwest of the island. Hiking around the mountains will take you to the Caledonia falls, or Millia Medieval Bridge. Numerous trails are running up and down the mountains. They are best explored by renting a mountain bike and cycling around.  

  1. Nicosia

No way you are going to visit Cyprus and ignore its capital city. The city is unique because the Greek Republic of Cyprus controls the southern side, while the northern side is Turkish controlled. There are some famous museums in the city, such as the Cyprus Museum and Byzantine museum. Also, the Ledra Observatory museum allows you to view “The Green Line,” which divides the island.


The small size of Cyprus gives the country an upper hand when touring the place.  An elaborate road network connects most of these attraction sites. This Mediterranean island is an excellent choice for holidays, from beaches to unusual attractions.

Furthermore, the locals are very friendly and it’s safe to travel and explore. What about the budget? As long as you’re well prepared for the trip, you don’t have to worry about any surprise or unreasonable expenses.